I have always loved horses, and have been lucky enough to have my own to look after since I was 12. I have been an equine professional with roles from instructor and freelance groom to bitless bridle creator and consultant, but I have never followed the well trodden path, I have questioned and sought my own answers. It hasn’t always been easy, but it has always been rewarding. Enrichment has always been an important part of my horse management and something I have developed in recent years.

The Team

All my horses have taught be something but it was Ember aka Sparklehorse who pulled the rug from under my feet. She is a life changer, an inspiration and muse.

Now 22, she came into my life as a 6 year old. She knew that she was coming with me as she behaved impeccably when I viewed her. Once I got her home it took about 6 minutes for me to learn exactly what she thought of my horsemanship. Since then she has shaped and guided me. I haven’t always understood her lessons but I am trying.

Merry aka Thunderhooves came to join Ember when I purchased some land to create the perfect environment for her. He is on loan from Thornberry Animal Sanctuary where he was born. When he was born he could not stand up, but luckily his legs straightened. He also has cartilage missing from his hock.

He is now 10 years old and such a wonderful cheeky character, bursting with life, he is the inspiration behind the name.

The ponies live at “Windy Acres’ which is 5 acres of meadow pasture in Lincolnshire. It is designed to be based on an Equicentral system and  has a fantastic shelter aka The Pony Palace which can be found in our posts.

I hope you enjoy our adventures.