The Enrichment model I have created and developed over the last few years looks at different aspects of horse management and is designed to present a holistic view horse care incorporation physical, behavioural and emotional elements.

We should, as horse care givers have a blueprint of the perfect equine environment, incorporating space, movement, appropriate forage and social activity. There are very few of us who can provide the ultimate environment, there may be constraints on time, finances, facilities or health and this is where enrichment is important. The further we are from our blueprint the more enrichment we should provide.

  • 4 Plants to Forage this Spring
    Spring has been a bit slow this year due to the driest April on record, but now followed by the wettest May several plants are in abundance and they are really great for our equines. 1. Hawthorn The leaves, flowers and berries  are beneficial to 
  • Different Levels
    Providing environmental enrichment in the form of different terrains and levels can add interest. Creating different heights within their natural environment that they can access when they want can be good long term actions but also seeking out natural and built formations can be fun. 
  • Lovely Logs
    This one is really good fun and most equines really enjoy it, you can get inventive with where you place the logs.   What you will need: Several large logs A Selection of Vegetables & Fruits – e.g. Carrots, Celery, Bananas, Parsnips A drill with a flat 
  • Apple Bobbing
    An absolute classic What you will need: A large bucket Apples (pears or orange quarters can also be used) Water   How to set it up: Place water into the large bucket and add the apples (and pears or oranges if using them)   Top Tip 
  • Flags
    Giving access to novel objects like flags can add interest and enrichment through allowing them new experiences and the chance to interact with things they wouldn’t normally come across. Experiences like this can help build curiosity and resilience which can help horses be calm around 
  • Balls
    Balls can add great physical enrichment. Footballs, horse toy balls and large ply balls can be great fun. If your horse is wary, introduce gradually and allow them to not interact if they choose to.
  • Hay places
    Finding different ways of feeding hay can add to the foraging experience. Add several different methods to create interest.   Ideas include: Ground haynets (small holes and safe closure systems – also only suitable for unshod horses) Hanging hay or haynets in trees Haynet hung 
  • Massage
    A massage can be really beneficial and if your horse is happy for that level of interaction give it a try. Even if you only have a few minutes you can concentrate on different areas of the body. There are plenty of good books and