Product Review – Silvermoor Swingers

Product Review – Silvermoor Swingers
I have always be intrigued by ‘stable toys’ and ‘boredom breakers’ but have never taken the plunge for two reasons.
The first is that my horses are not stabled and are not bored, and the second is the majority of them are chock full of molasses, a substance I shy away from with my barefoot good doers.
And then Silvermoor Haylage launched the Swinger!
These are forage based, with no added sugar and available in three great flavours – Gorgeous Grass, Amazing Apple and Captivating Carrot.
We just had to give them a try.


These were an instant hit with both my horses. They loved playing with them and the taste. My mare can give up easily with toys that don’t have an instant gratification, but the swingers kept her entertained.
My pony particularly loves toys and I think he even managed to use a bit of teamwork to his advantage.
Not just for stabled horses!
Even though my horses are not stabled, they still deserve toys, treats and enrichment and knowing that I can do this without worrying about inappropriate ingredients is a bonus.
The proof is in the evidence of an empty rope by morning!
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