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The Wasted Horse

The Wasted Horse

How many times have we seen these adverts! ‘Horse wasted with current owner’ or ‘Horse needs to fill its potential’ or ‘Horse too good to be a field ornament’?

Well here’s the thing, these horses have no agenda to be top competition horses, or to be with owners with more knowledge, experience or ambition. These horses want to be horses. That’s all.

Horses want freedom of moment, to be able to socialise with other horses and to have access to appropriate forage feed. It is true that many enjoy human interaction but they don’t have ambitions to be the best jumper, eventer, dressage horse.

Some people say that their horse loves competing, but how many of those horses are kept in isolated, constricted environments where their only interactions with other living things are to be excercised or to compete? I imagine that competing would feel pretty exciting then, but they are the ones being wasted, wasted from being allowed to be a horse.

Sadly, one of the reasons people say their horse is wasted is that they don’t feel good enough themselves, they don’t feel they can help their horse achieve that wrongly perceived potential. But they are good enough. They can let horses be horses, allow them space, company and forage, be supportive and authentic. Those are the measures of success that are important to horses, not ribbons.

Once we see horses as sentient beings and not commodities of our own success, then horses are not wasted, and we are good enough. And all we need to do is go and have an awesome time with them, even if that is just sitting and sharing space.

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